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  Seven Strategies for Understanding and Living with Your Teenager, 2006

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Based on five years of teaching teenagers in the public and private sector, this book seeks to guide parents in their relationships with teenage children. It describes useful strategies used by adults who have been successful in their experiences with children and offers hope to those who have struggled to communicate effectively with their children. It shows that parents who guide without blame and use honest communication are able to create loving, life-long relationships with their children. The seven strategies highlighted in the book include:
  • 1. The 75/25 strategy: Listen to your children 75% of the time and talk 25% of the time.
  • 2. Set boundaries: Be clear about what you want from your child, and where you are willing to compromise.
  • 3. Choose your battles carefully: Not every discussion with your child needs to be a fight.
  • 4. Be a parent first and a friend second: Put your child’s needs first and practice what you preach.
  • 5. Admire the adult who will grow from the child: Accept your child’s shortcomings and know he or she is still growing.
  • 6. Children are their parents’ reflection: Be your child’s first and most influential role model.
  • 7. Learn to let go: Prepare for and promote your child’s independence and maturity.

  Kind of Acts of Kindness - a memoir, writing presently
Sometimes it can seem that life deals us the wrong family members. Parents can be distracted, unfriendly, angry and aloof. Our siblings hold different interests or ideologies. Life, as we know it, is a solo, and therefore lonely journey. Until, at the most inopportune and unexpected moments parents and siblings suddenly make sense. It is in these particular moments that we remember our families most fondly. For while it many not have been their intent, they can and do commit amazing acts of kindness.



  In Search of the Sun, 2000
A coming of age story that deals with the issues of anger, violence and jealousy that face American teenagers today. After years of bullying and harassment by her classmates, a seventeen-year-old girl is charged with the murder of another student. There is no question of her guilt since she commits the murder at a party in front of her classmates. But then there is the question of motivation. Can there be an explanation for such violent crime? And is the girl with the gun the only one responsible? Or are there others to share the blame?


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